How does the Light Pod Neo work?

‚ÄčThe Neo's 1064nm laser light is attracted to a combination of melanin, hemoglobin and water within the skin tissue.  The laser energy passes through the epidermis and selectively targets specific tissue structures without affecting the surrounding skin. These factors are what make the laser so versatile, efficient, safe and gentle.

What are the advantages of the LightPod Neo laser?

The Lightpod Neo is a unique laser in the field of aesthetic medicine. It delivers 1064nm energy to the skin using safe, gentle energy pulse, which virtually eliminates pain while providing the best clinical results for even the darkest of skin tones.

Is the treatment painful?

Most patients who have tried other lasers report that the Neo is much gentler and more pleasant. Patients experience a mild warming sensation on the skin. A slight redness of the skin, i it occurs at all, will typically fade within a few hours.

Can the laser treat all parts of the body?

Absolutely! In addition to the Neo's gentle pulse, the hand piece does not come in contact with the skin and there are no gels or sprays - the mess and unhygienic aspects of other lasers. Both private areas of the body and areas difficult to access, such as unwanted hair in ears and nostrils, can now be treated with the Neo!

Are aesthetic laser treatments right for me?

The Lightpod Neo is proven to deliver excellent clinical results for all skin types. Outcome may vary depending upon your skin condition and varies other factors. Your skin's characteristics and medical history will be reviewed at your consultation to determine the most effective treatment for you.

Is Permanent Makeup painful?

Most clients say a vibrating sensation is felt. A topical numbing agent is available for increased comfort.

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